About Me

Welcome to the DukeBlog-The blogging of Blue Devil basketball. I’ve been covering Duke basketball for well over 6 years and just like you I’m a fan. My opinions are my own and I claim no affiliation with Duke University. This is my own little piece of internet real estate that I plan on harvesting for quite some time. The difference between me and some of the others out there is I have never and will never put myself above others. If my site grows, great, but I will never feel like I am better than anyone else. Love to engage other fans, love to hear other perspectives – Duke fans or not.

Thanks for visiting and let me know what you like, dislike and what I can do better.

I’m constantly updating so on occasion you will find things are in a state of flux, I promise to keep that to a minimum so if you see issues, try, try again.

I’m always looking for other fans who want to try their hand at blogging, so if you have that interest and are looking for a place to get started email me or hit me up on twitter.

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