Andre Dawkins


Number First Name Last Name Height Weight Position Year Twitter
34 Andre Dawkins 6’5 215 G GR @dre_dawkins

Andre Dawkin’s Journey has been like no other at Duke. It’s been triumph and tragedy for the senior sharpshooter. Earning a national championship at Duke but also losing his sister in a tragic car accident Dawkins needed time to truly grieve and deal with the tremendous weight of that. He did so and took the last year off of basketball. He was a student, as simple as that. He went to counseling and earned his degree. This year he is back. Spending the summer working on his body and his game after getting his mind and heart right it will be fun to see the young man back on the floor in Duke blue.

Known primarily as a deadly 3 point shooter, there were signs all along that Dawkins could do more than that. He has touted that he wants to be a different player and I, for one, hope that means that he expands his game inward and develops not only a mid-range game but a post-up game. At 6’5 Dawkins may be able to post up smaller guards. Hopefully part of his basketball rejuvenation is work on his handle, not much of a dribbler it would mean a lot to his game if he could develop a half decent handle. With the threat of the 3 point shot being able to use that as a decoy could open up paths to the basket and also the opportunity to set up teammates.

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