#13 Matt Jones

200 lbs

Matt Jones

#13 Matt Jones

Matt Jones could and should be a very important part of what Duke does next year. With Andre Dawkins departing Duke will need Matt to return to form as a shooter. Matt had an awful year shooting as a freshman going 3 of 21 but was often called on for his impressive on the ball defense. If Jones can get his offense going from beyond the arc Duke will be incredibly dangerous with an increased presence in the post. What Jones does bring is a toughness that Duke has been lacking. Jones takes pride in his defense and may be the best defender on the team next year.

Jones is noticeably bigger and stronger than he was in high school, taking full advantage of the strength and conditioning program at Duke. This off-season is a very important one for Jones in terms of his career and what type of player he wants to be going forward.

Brian Horace#13 Matt Jones