Matt Jones


Number First Name Last Name Height Weight Position Year Twitter
13 Matt Jones 6’4 200 G FR @matt_jones8

When Duke Coaches recruited Matt Jones the name J.J. Redick came up again and again, and at the time Matt Jones was primarily just a long range gunner from Deep, that is no longer the case. Jones would commit to Duke early (November 2011) and since then has expanded his game to include a lot more. He is now a more adept driver of the lane, developed a floater that will come in handy as he will be guarded as a shooter and will have to take advantage of opportunities to drive by his defender. Jones is primarily a shooting guard but has worked the last couple of years to become more of a combo guard.

Jones is also a decent defender usually asked to guard the opponents best guard in high school, he will undoubtedly be asked to dial it up a notch in Durham but he comes in with good bones and a lot to work with. The understudy to great shooters on this team by the time he is a sophomore or junior he could lead the nation in 3 point accuracy.

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