Rasheed Sulaimon


Number First Name Last Name Height Weight Position Year Twitter
14 Rasheed Sulaimon 6’4 190 G SO  @sheed_ctmd1

Rasheed Sulaimon had a pretty darn good year for a freshman last year. He has some break-out games and some games where he lost his confidence a bit, but he kept playing and managed to average 11.6 points a game. The only slight flaw I saw in his game was strength, with his first full off-season under his belt, I am sure he has gotten stronger, bigger. Occasionally Rasheed’s legs would give out or at very least not afford him the necessary burst to power up (from the eyes of a layman).

Per Laura Keeley @ News&Observer: “I feel like if I get myself in the best physical shape that I can get, it will also help with my mental stability and also with my emotional stability as well,” Sulaimon said. “That’s a big concern of mine in the off-season, getting right physically and everything else will take care of itself.”

Rasheed spent the off-season working on his game and earning a gold medal with the Team USA 19-and-under squad. A probably starter this coming season expect Sulaimon to get the green light and expand his role in the offense as a shooter but also a slasher. Sulaimon’s quickness is understated and he is an underrated ball handler, his jump from freshman year will be very interesting to watch. His confidence level should be through the roof after the summer he has had.


36 29.2 11.6 3.4 1.9 0.8 0.1 1.3 .424 .802 .371
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