Duke 77 Georgetown 89–first thoughts…

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Well no sense in beating around the bush, Duke once again got what it deserved, an butt-kicking. There was nothing good to say about Duke on offense or defense. A team that did not compete, woefully unprepared, slow, unemotional…there aren’t many positive attributes you can say except maybe that the bench got some floor time. Duke will have to rebound … Read More

Some Links About G-Town and others…

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Look for Dre to get some PT today, spelling Scheyer, Smith and or Singler depending on how G-town defend the perimeter. Looks like Dawkins is ready to shake off the rust… Georgetown favored against Duke in Washington… Look for the Prez. at the game today…

Duke Gets Past Florida State 70-56

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What Florida State brings to the table in the ACC is a very long and athletic team. They are by no means an offensive juggernaut but they generally make up for that lack of flash with extra opportunities from offensive rebounds, and a stingy defense. First and foremost this team is relentless on the boards, Duke did not help the … Read More

It is what it is…

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http://blogs.newsobserver.com/accnow/dukes http://sports.espn.go.com/ncb/columns/story?columnist=forde_pat&id=4858570 So Coach K has been giving less and less face time to other players aside from the starters, more specifically Singler, Scheyer and Smith. It’s a story that isn’t going to go away until Duke has legs come March, that hasn’t been the case in a very long time. A lot of fans don’t want to hear it, … Read More

The Bench

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This is a much talked about topic every year in Duke basketball. The Duke bench this year has been inconsistent, but has also stepped up at times. I’m still not 100% sure how I feel about the bench. I mean, I can understand why people are worried about the core group tiring out, weak legs in March and all that. … Read More

Duke Ends Road Woes Against Clemson

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There were a lot of people predicting that after the NC State game that Clemson was going to put a hurting on the Devils, I too thought this game could ugly if Duke got flustered. Apparently Coach K had seen enough, the bench was shortened and the starters and seniors got he bulk of the minutes. That moves speaks volumes … Read More

Duke Continues Home Streak Against Wake

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Despite a concerted effort to take Jon Scheyer off his game, Duke found ways to make it happen. Scheyer had one of his worst statistical outings of the year shooting only 3-11, and turning the ball over 4 times. That would normally spell disaster for the Devils but not today. Duke got superman efforts from the Plumlee brothers: Miles Plumlee … Read More

…at the half Duke 46 Wake 38

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Well, we can call this first half of basketball “The Awakening”.  Mason and Miles Plumlee have taken the team on their backs and are playing with confidence and even some swagger.  Mason so far has 10 points and 6 boards and his brother Miles, who started the game, has a double-double at the half with 13 points and 11 boards.  … Read More