Afterthoughts of MSG

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Just read the Andy Katz article and for the most part it’s spot on. The only part that caught me off guard was: “This isn’t a national title contender, but one that can certainly make some noise in March.” I’m not sure you can count out any top ten team in December any more than you can anoint a champion … Read More

Duke Destroys Gonzaga 76-41

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An ugly first half turns into a route for a Duke team looking for some consistency.  Duke got 24 points from Nolan Smith today who did it all over the court. Shooting 10-17. Jon Scheyer also put up numbers today off the heels of his 36 point game against Gardner-Webb, Scheyer added 20 tonight against better competition.  Singler is still … Read More

Why Duke Does Not Have A Transfer Problem

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Yes if you look at it on paper Duke has had a rash of transfers from it’s basketball program. Who are the transfers: Eric Boateng, Jamal Boykin, Taylor King, Elliot Williams, Michael Thompson and now possibly Olek Czyz Looking at each case its plain to see the issue is more with the athlete than the school itself or the program. … Read More

Duke Wins 80-71

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They say sometimes a loss is a win, but can a win be a loss?? Sure Duke won this game but it was ugly, and it didn’t need to be. Defensively this was one of the worst performances I have seen.  The lane was a free for all, teams should not be getting dunk after dunk in Cameron unless they … Read More

More on Duke WI

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More on the Duke loss to the Badgers… in my own opinion of course. *While I appreciate what our bigs are bringing into the game, be it rebounding, defense, it cannot be said that they brought that against WI. Brian Zoubek only had 4, while Lance Thomas had 2. It’s a bit more understandable for Zoubek as he only played … Read More

Duke Falls to Wisconsin 73-69

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More in a bit, Duke as usual not getting the points from the forward spot, 0 from Lance Thomas, and only 6 from the Plumlees combined. 0 from Brian Zoubek, it will continue to be their undoing if it isn’t addressed. The other glaring stat is the turnover battle, Duke with 11, WI only 4.

Plumlee might see action at Wisconsin

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DURHAM — Duke freshman center Mason Plumlee, who missed the No. 6 Blue Devils’ first six basketball games with a broken wrist, may return to make his regular-season debut at Wisconsin on Wednesday, team spokesman Matt Plizga said Monday.