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Comarow’s Corner Duke BBall Podcast, Ep. 14: Georgia Tech, Notre Dame, Florida State

By February 11, 2015No Comments

Adam discusses Duke’s last three games and hits on the overall picture right now with this 21-3 team that is a ton of fun to watch!

*I said Marshall Plumlee is a redshirt senior. Obviously he is a redshirt junior.

*Though Matt Jones had his share of offensive struggles at FSU, his charge taken was HUGE and somehow I forgot to mention it.

*I only mistook Ga Tech transition when watching live. I correctly analyzed the game in my post.

*I didn’t mean to infer, by bringing up Duke fan accounts, that I care about Twitter follower numbers as any sort of goal of mine. I grew up in journalism, and my main attention will always be on my posts and podcasts. If you enjoy following me on Twitter for live game analysis, I thank you, but please check out #ComarowsCorner as well. Thanks!


Remember to visit iTunes, where you can subscribe to, rate, and comment on the podcast https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/duke-blog-rss-feed/id483485541?mt=2

You can find me at @AdamComarow

I tweet out material using the hashtag #ComarowsCorner

All of my of my written posts and podcasts are located at www.dukeblogger.com/category/comarowscorner/

(Hashtag and website address also available in my Twitter profile)


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