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Comarow’s Corner Duke BBall Podcast, Ep. 15: 2015 Tobacco Road Rivalry, Pt. 1 (With UNC Josh)

By February 16, 2015No Comments

Adam welcomes his childhood friend and UNC grad (**AND WAY TOO RESPECTFUL FOR THIS PODCAST**) Josh for a Tobacco Road themed podcast leading up to 2015 Duke-UNC, Pt. 1.


Topics Include:

-In-depth analysis of Pete Gaudet and Casey Sanders. Wait, what?

-Josh attending UNC during the worst four-year period (two straight non-tourney years!!!) since the mid-1970’s.

-UNC coaches since Dean Smith (Guthridge-Doherty-Williams)

-Historically, Duke players, fans, and Coach K.

-Both of our favorite Dukies and Holes.

-We give respect to Dean Smith.

-Ol’ Roy’s coaching style/recruiting strategy.

-UNC academic scandal

-This year’s team


Remember to visit iTunes, where you can subscribe to, rate, and comment on the podcast https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/duke-blog-rss-feed/id483485541?mt=2

You can find me at @AdamComarow

I tweet out material using the hashtag #ComarowsCorner

All of my of my written posts and podcasts are located at www.dukeblogger.com/category/comarowscorner/

(Hashtag and website address also available in my Twitter profile)


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