Comarow’s Corner Duke BBall Podcast, Ep. 18: Reaction to “How Jahlil Okafor Hurts Duke Basketball” (Now Changed to “Okafor Theory”)

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*I’m angry at myself for forgetting to compare the article’s stat to plus/minus numbers, which is another extremely misleading statistic which is rarely used because most realize this fact.*


*Since I recorded this podcast, a larger sample size has been provided…of games. The article is still entirely based on points scored/points against with Okafor on and off the court, so my thoughts remain the same.*


I had no plan to record on a Friday afternoon, but felt it necessary once I saw the Duke Forum article “How Jahlil Okafor Hurts Duke Basketball,” now changed to “Okafor Theory.” I give my opinions on the stat used for the article, the validity of analytics, and this being the exact reason why I write my play-by-play analysis (why/how) of games (to prevent people from being influenced by media of this sort.)


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