Comarow’s Corner Duke BBall Podcast, Ep. 8: Ryan Lommen

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Ryan Lommen (@RLommen) better known as @TheDukeNation, is kind enough to join me as the first guest on my podcast.

We initially planned to talk 1) Duke Fanhood 2) Current Duke Team 3) Other ACC/ National Teams 4) Fan Interaction on Twitter/Social Media, but the first 2 topics went so well and in-depth that we decided to just talk Duke on this podcast and record another next week focusing on the other subjects. I’m sure even during that one, though, the conversation might casually return to more Duke talk a time or 200, haha.


Subscribe to the podcast on iTunes under Duke Blog (Dukeblogger is the provider). Right now the podcast comes out about 24 hours after I put it on the website, so more subscribers and more comments on the iTunes site will help boost the popularity so it gets released earlier. Check out all my previous Duke podcasts!


The file size after uploading the Skype interview from my computer to the editing program was too big to let me start with my typical Jurassic 5-The Game jam, give Ryan a proper pre-recording intro, and do any editing, so I apologize. If next week’s recording goes for another hour, I’ll probably split it up into two 30 minute segments released separately. If anyone has an opinion on this, please let me know. This is the exact Skype conversation as it happened from beginning to end, so keep in mind that nothing really starts until 30 seconds in. I’m learning the ways of the podcast world as I go, and will continue to make adjustments episode to episode. For anyone interested in my solo postgame UCONN podcast, UCONN game thoughts, and UCONN Nerdy Takes (where I give my opinion on the majority of plays in the game) they are all in the Comarow’s Corner archive, along with every other podcast I’ve recorded and post I’ve written. Enjoy!

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