Comarow’s Corner: Explanation for the Abrupt End to My Sulaimon Podcast

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I’m still getting used to to the podcast/blogging/social media world, and made a mistake yesterday. I recorded with Ben Swain and decided to split the podcast into two parts, first discussing the Sulaimon report, and then a separate part focusing on lighter ACC and Duke basketball-related conversation.

The recording veered from Salaimon right into other subjects, so I cut it off at that exact moment, but made a mistake in not recording a new segment after to explain how it ends abruptly and that pt. 2 would be released the following day. I wrote it in the summary which is available on the blog site and iTunes, but I understand that most don’t read those.

I apologize and don’t want it to come off in any negative way on Ben, who was a tremendous guest and I would love to have him back for another, more casual episode in which we could discuss the latest goings-ons without summarizing the entire season.

Again, part two with Ben will be released tomorrow, and I apologize for any confusion.



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