Get to Know Your Returning Dukies By Daniel Landa (@dll07)

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marshallplumleeMarshall Plumlee

I know what you’re thinking, yes, there is still a Plumlee on the Duke basketball roster! The Lieutenant is the third, and believe it or not, final Plumlee brother to grace Cameron Indoor with his towering presence. Expect the witty big man to bring loads of energy to the floor whenever his number is called. MP3 will provide critical rim protection throughout the season.

graysonallenGrayson Allen ­

Would you ever consider jumping off a cliff? If it meant keeping a basketball in play, G­money would. Grayson treats the ball as if it is his own precious, yet durable baby. He would do anything to keep that ball in the hands of the blue and white. G­Money spent most of his freshman year on the bench, but made headlines in the NCAA tournament with his championship game heroics. Brace yourself for pure explosion and energy from this spark plug through his sharp shooting and ability to attack the rim with his Space Jam hops! Get out the cameras.

amilejeffersonAmile Jefferson ­

Amile may not be the flashiest player on the court, but he always gets the job done. He is the confident team leader that all coaches yearn for. He has great athleticism, and cleans up the glass nicely. Amile plays textbook defense in the post, and is simply one of those players that makes everyone else better. The forward also brings enthusiasm and sheer swagger to the team (seen in Duke Blue Planet interviews). Amile enjoys getting the dirty work done for his teammates to shine in the spotlight, but don’t underestimate this critical puzzle piece.

mattjonesMatt Jones ­

Big shot Matt has yet to be spotted on campus without his signature smile. Matt’s fearlessness will definitely come in handy in the coming year, as he has proven, time and time again, to be a dangerous weapon down the stretch. Matt is probably the best on-­ball defender on the roster and will always make the extra pass. His unselfishness and fundamentals on the court set him apart from most shooting guards. He is a classic basketball veteran who displays incredible maturity on and off the court.

seanobiSean Obi ­

I had the pleasure of watching this absolute beast play at Rice multiple times. Obi will likely establish himself as a physical brute down low that every guard fears to meet in the paint. If anyone out there wants to know what it’s like to drive on Obi, just run into a tree. The young transfer is somewhat of a wild card for the Blue Devils, but will surely add depth at the center position. His primary attribute is his monstrous ability to rebound. Hopefully he adds as much flavor to the court as he did last year with his outfit selections!