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I've been a Duke fan for as long a I can remember, been actively writing about the team since probably 2006 or so, seriously since 2009. I am a homer so expect no less than that. I always welcome suggestions no matter how blunt. I am also a huge music fan, not genre specific and by music fan I mean music snob.

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I am entering my 13th year as a coach, with experience at the AAU, high school, junior college, DIII, and NAIA DII levels. I'm a lifelong Duke fan and enjoy breaking down team strategy, situational execution, and player development. For thoughts on hoops, leadership, and sneakers follow me.

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A lifetime Blue Devils fan, among my most inspiring experiences are visits to the sanctified grounds of Cameron Indoor Stadium and Wallace Wade. I fell in love with Duke basketball the day I was born and the passion has grown ever since. I am a podcaster who enthusiastically follows many sports, ranging from the Barclays Premier League to the NBA, but particularly Duke basketball. I prefer college sports over professional, but am an active fan/analyst in both. Aside from watching sports, I enjoy playing basketball and

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