Alex Murphy


Number First Name Last Name Height Weight Position Year Twitter
12 Alex Murphy 6’9 230 F RSO  @AlexMurphy5

Alex Murphy with another year under his belt should be able to contribute much more to the cause. Duke does not have a “big 3″ like they did last year and minutes should be there for the taking. Murph has shown flashes of being able to put the ball in the basket and obviously with more floor time his confidence will improve and to get that floor time he must step up his defensive game. I think another off-season in the gym and another year to know exactly what is expected on both ends should do wonders for his game this year.

What I expect is that Murphy will be a very good 6th man for Duke this season, what I want to happen is that his confidence finally catches up with his skill level. That could mean a lot for Duke and Alex going forward. I imagine that practices at Duke are going to be an amazing thing to watch, there is a ridiculous amount of talent at the small forward position this year. On paper Alex is in the middle of the pack at Duke but the times when it has clicked for him really shows that just underneath the surface is a player that can be so much more than just a role player.

2012-13 DUKE 6.3 0.9-1.8 .491 0.2-0.8 .208 0.2-0.4 .417 1.0 0.0 0.1 0.2 0.6 0.4 2.1
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  • Roma

    it before but it bears reintapeg:Had Dirk grown up in the USA Dirk may not have even made the NBA. He is 7′ tall but he is skinny slow and weak. They used to call him Irk in the Dallas press because he plays no D. Also he developed very late (players keep getting better at shooting as they age). An American kid 7′ tall would be embarrassed to play the small game that Dirk plays. (BTW IMO the Miami coach made a big error by not putting LeBron on Dirk, presumably because Dirk is so much taller but Dirk plays small and LeBron can play big. ) In the USA they would have made him play the post where even in high school he would have been showed up by tougher, much more agile 6’4″ – 6’8″ blacks. Even now he is a shooting specialist the rest of his game sucks but the addition of Tyson Chandler covered his weaknesses.