#21 Amile Jefferson

Power Forward
210 lbs

Rasheed Sulaimon

#21 Amile Jefferson

Amile Jefferson made great strides in his sophomore year weight wise he added 15 pounds to his wiry frame and if he can add another 15 pounds he’ll be levi power forward size, or at least fairly close. Amile also was able to get about 10 more minutes a game this past season which he turned into a 6.5 point a game average and rebounding average of nearly 7 a game despite being undersized at the position. Underrated is Amile’s athletic ability as well as his offensive game, both I expect to see much more of next season at Duke. The only fear I have and I have expressed it probably way too much this off-season is that he is Duke’s only power forward. Jefferson averaged nearly 3 fouls a game playing 22.7 minutes a game and I expect both of those numbers to increase next year and if he does get into any kind of foul trouble where does Duke turn? That is a question I am still hoping gets addressed this off-season but mostly likely not. Regardless, Amile Jefferson will continue to do what he does, grab rebounds, recycle possessions, take advantage of mismatches when possible and choose his spots on offense.

If Amile becomes a half-decent mid-range shooter he becomes a very dangerous cog in the Duke machine, I have yet to hear what the staff has given the rising junior as far as things to work on but I will assume more of a face-up game and a 10-15 foot jumper is probably on the menu. If Amile can stay consistent and keep himself on the floor this season Duke has a chance to win.

Brian Horace#21 Amile Jefferson