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My 2-Cents (click at your own risk)

By September 8, 2014No Comments

Man, I didn’t want to write this but “F” it I will anyway. Ray Rice is a piece of shit, I’ll say it again and if I lose a follower or a reader I never wanted you anyway.

I come from a home where there was abuse similar to what we all saw on that video. As a child in Texas I routinely had to go to bed to a soundtrack of my mom being pummeled and beaten into submission. The feeling as a kid, not being able to do anything about it, being helpless – it takes away the entire innocence of youth, strips away the very essence of what makes one a child. I can only imagine what it did to my mom. I held that anger in as much as I could but trust me when I tell you it colors every part of who you are and what you do. Some repeat the cycle and some don’t, but there isn’t a day when there isn’t either guilt or anger in me because of it.

Anyone who makes light of, condones or applauds someone who does this is an idiot and deserves whatever hell they end up in. The people who give this man a pass because he’s a celebrity or a person of means or worse – someone who kids look up to, are scary people. Do you have a mother, a sister, a daughter? Are you a human being? Is your soul so empty that there is no empathy there at all?

What I do know about living under the roof of a situation like that is that it changes everyone involved. We will probably never know if this was the first time Rice has done this, or even the first woman he’s done it to. As Adam Schefter pointed out, it is  inexcusable by law enforcement and the NFL to not do more. I haven’t decided on whether I believe this video wasn’t available to both, but now that it is we will see how they react. We know the NFL will only take action if it is prompted to by public outrage and a perceived threat to their bottom line so hopefully something spurs them to move. The NFL has a long history of not caring about women, regardless of how much pink apparel you see out there on the field.

As for my mom, she finally left, after being threatened at gunpoint as well as the guy breaking his hand punching her in the face, so yeah these often have happy endings. So there’s my two-cents.