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3 UNC, 1Duke Player round out Top Four in Grantland’s Most Hated College Basketball Player…

By March 15, 20132 Comments

I’m late posting this because at first it irked me, but now I think it’s funny. Its old news but here it is anyway:

Three UNC, one Duke Player round out Top Four in Grantland’s “Most Hated College Basketball Player of the Last 30 Years” Bracket’s bracket determining the most despised players in recent NCAA hoops history is down to the Final Four—and they all happen to have played down the street from each other. Readers have voted Eric Montross (UNC), Christian Laettner (Duke), Rick Fox (UNC) and Tyler Hansbrough (UNC) into the final four via Grantland’s facebook page.

The 32-player competition has four regions—one each for players from the 1980s, 1990s, and 21st century, and another for Duke Blue Devils.

Voting continues through Monday of next week, with the winner announced Tuesday.

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Grantland Bracket


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