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Amile & Rodney Clown Each Other (via @dukeblueplanet) and more…

By October 9, 2013No Comments

Gotta love the video of Amile and Rodney just cutting up in practice and its very easy to see already this is a team that loves one another and that kind of Comradery as well as the fierceness of competition due to an elevated talent level is what will make this team stand out. If Amile is solid with that jumper teams better scramble to fix those scouting reports. Talk about evening up the matchup against bigger 5’s via @dukeblueplanet.

Nolan Smith said it best:


Shawn Krest talks about Rodney and Jabari being the standouts and this team molding around them which is clearly the case, but it seems that this theory will also create much more opportunity for other players to stand out and also, well, in a sense get a little angry. Maybe this will spur on other players to improve as the article states. There are clearly a lot of talented players on this roster and perhaps those statements by Coach K, no matter how true are also motivational fuel for the rest of the roster to step up. These practice highlights were the highlight of my day. (