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Kijani Wright / 6’8, 220lbs / F
Jaden Bradley / 6’7, 190lbs / F
J.J. Starling / 6’0, 150lbs / G
Mark Mitchell / 6’7, 185lbs / F
Rylan Griffen / 6’4, 165lbs / F
Lee Dort / 6’10, 240lbs / C
MJ Rice / 6’5, 210lbs / F
Skyy Clark / 6’2, 200lbs / G
Dereck Lively II / 6’11, 200lbs / C

5⭐️ Kijani Wright’22 @iamkijaniwright of @WWAthletics & @Compton_Magic heard from 👀Arizona St. (offered), Arizona, Duke, Penn, Michigan State, Kansas, BYU, USC, Auburn, Arkansas, Vanderbilt, LMU, Gonzaga, Cal, UCLA, Oregon State & Holy Cross pic.twitter.com/f1PnEV5F0f— Andrew Slater (@Andrew__Slater) June 16, 2020

5⭐️PG Jaden Bradley’22 @JBsmoovve of @IMGABasketball earned offers from UCLA & NC State today. 👀Florida Florida StateMichigan Virginia MarylandLouisvillePittKentuckyKansas UNC AlabamaArkansas Notre Dame Duke (tomorrow)NC Gatorade POYRochester, NY native pic.twitter.com/9mfhABWrqX— Andrew Slater (@Andrew__Slater) June 16, 2020

6’4” PG 4⭐️J.J. Starling’22 of @Bville_Bees & @TheCityRocks has earned offers from Wake Forest & Bryant today. He has also heard from: LaSalle, University of Texas, Stanford, Notre Dame, Florida St., Miami and, um, Duke. pic.twitter.com/ZsVQG85Xhy— Andrew Slater (@Andrew__Slater) June 15, 2020

Elite 2022 prospects like @MJrice_1 "excited" to be able to talk/text directly with college coaches as of midnight on June 15, per NCAA rules."This is the day where the MOST important relationship in the recruitment process really starts to form."READ⬇️https://t.co/JN7I20dBfz— Jason Jordan (@JasonJordanSI) June 15, 2020

Five-star sophomore Skyy Clark has heard from Kentucky, Kansas, North Carolina, Florida State, Oregon, Arkansas, Stanford, BYU, Penn, Minnesota, Ohio State, DePaul, amongst others, he told @Stockrisers.Also: Duke will he calling him today also.— Jake (@jakeweingarten) June 15, 2020

Xavier and Duke just reached out to Top-50 sophomore Dereck Lively II, he told @Stockrisers. https://t.co/O1755DCZ5G— Jake (@jakeweingarten) June 16, 2020

Wake Forest just offered five-star sophomore Mark Mitchell, he told @Stockrisers. Duke, Kansas, are the newest schools to reach out. https://t.co/BfKK6zOSU2— Jake (@jakeweingarten) June 15, 2020

Busy first day of the contact period for Top-80 sophomore Rylan Griffen. He told @Stockrisers plenty of schools reached out.Plus, says he talked ‘the longest’ with Duke’s Jon Scheyer. | Story: https://t.co/hKoYvCwrsl pic.twitter.com/nMUetvGuGJ— Jake (@jakeweingarten) June 16, 2020

Five-star sophomore Lee Dort has heard from Baylor, Memphis, Kansas, Illinois, Arizona, Mississippi State, UCLA, Oklahoma State, Purdue, and Duke, his coach told @Stockrisers.— Jake (@jakeweingarten) June 15, 2020[/cs_content_seo]

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