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Catching Up With 6’5 Las Vegas point guard Troy Brown (@Troy_Brown33) Who Was Recently Offered by Duke

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Catching Up With 6’5 Las Vegas point guard Troy Brown (@Troy_Brown33) Who Was Recently Offered by Duke

When I watch Troy Brown play I’m reminded of the Dukie that never was – Shaun Livingston. Both players are long, lanky and have great size for the point guard position. Brown like Livingston is capable of wizardry with the basketball in his hands. Troy Brown passes the ball like a seasoned veteran leaving and leading his teammates in great positions to score. Brown makes passes that leaves one scratching ones head and in transition he is a nightmare. With his size and passing acumen there is no correct way to defend him on the break.

The most astonishing part about the young man’s skill level is his age. It’s rare for Coach K to offer a kid as young as Brown (a sophomore) a scholarship, I think before Troy Brown it’s happened twice, most recently with Harry Giles and before that DeMarcus Nelson. In any event it’s a rarity in the Coach K era but once you see Troy Brown play you understand why it was inevitable.

I recently caught  up with Troy and asked him a few questions:


Dukeblogger: Did the offer from Duke so early in your high school career surprise you or did you sense it was coming?

Troy Brown: It was actually a very big surprise to me, especially them offering to a upcoming sophomore that barely happens at a school like Duke.


Dukeblogger: What are some of the things you like about Duke?

Troy Brown:I love Coach K,  how he coaches, I always just like the atmosphere included in the school and fans, and then the academics of the school are great.


Dukeblogger: Aside from Duke what other schools are coming at you hard?

Troy Brown: Well I have offers from Arizona, Kansas, UNLV, UCLA,  ASU and USC.


Dukeblogger:  Do you think having offers from such big schools so early will speed up your process or will you take your time in deciding?

Troy Brown: I think I will still take my time on deciding.


Dukeblogger:  I’ve heard that you are probably still growing, do you think that helps you as a point guard to have that height advantage over most?

Troy Brown: Yes the height advantage helps a lot especially against smaller guards


Dukeblogger: What do you think are the strengths of your game?

Troy Brown: I think my strengths to my game are being able to cause size mismatches, rebounding, pushing the ball and getting my teammates involved.


Dukeblogger: What style of play best suits you as a player?

Troy Brown: I would say rebounding and pushing the ball up the court like up tempo basketball style of play !


Dukeblogger: Is there an NBA player you pattern your game after? Or a favorite player ?

Troy Brown: Everyone I says I play like penny Hardaway

Dukeblogger: Thats a great comparison and one I didn’t think of!


Dukeblogger: I really appreciate you taking some time for me today Troy, good luck in the upcoming season, Duke fans will be watching you for sure!

Troy Brown: Thank you I really appreciate it !