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Sometimes it’s hard to pick a player as the DukeBlog Devil of the Day but tonight it was very, very easy. Marques Bolden has been a player much maligned by Duke fans for being disinterested and a bust because of the high expectations he came in with as a freshman.

His effort in practices and during the offseason, by all accounts, have always been there even if the results were less than what Marques has wanted it to be. It was good to see Marques in the starting lineup to begin this season and to see him engaged and trying to make the most of his opportunities. Tonight Bolden took what we all hope is a big step in his development. Bolden had the game of his career scoring 11 points, grabbing 9 rebounds and blocking 7 shots. The best thing Duke fans have seen this season was an energetic pumped up, smiling Marques Bolden.

Marques is an easy choice for Devil of the Day.

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