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Duke Happenings…

By May 20, 2010No Comments

Quite a bit to talk about during the so-called quiet period, starting with congratulations to Nolan Smith and Kyle Singler for being named Co-Captains for the upcoming season. Duke will have strong senior leadership next year to mix in with the incoming talent. Should be an amazing year.

Next up a few articles on the new Dukies coming in next year, starting with Kyrie Irving who looks to really shake things up at Duke, being the first pure point guard Coach K has had in a long time Kyrie will change the speed at which Duke plays as well as a much better utilization of the weaponry afforded.

Josh Hairston is ready to step in and fill the role vacated by Lance Thomas and I can’t think of a better way to put it, the fact that he embraces stepping in as a role player shows that he is in it to be a team player and to be part of something greater than the sum of its parts.  You have to love his passion and fire coming in and being hungry for his own success on the heels of what the last Duke team just accomplished. I look for he and Carrick Felix to platoon in that spot depending on matchups and obviously game situation. While we do agree with the gist of the article we definitely do not agree that Felix is somehow upset or miffed that Kyle Singler has remained for his senior season in fact it takes the pressure off and allows him to learn and grow at his own pace. It affords him the opportunity to have early success.

Not much to report on the recruiting front although all accounts say that Duke is in good shape when it comes to 2011 shooting guard Austin Rivers, none of it means anything until letters are signed and commitments are made but he would be an amazing haul for Coach K, if you havent seen Rivers play then you need to, gifted would be an understatement.