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Duke Round-Up–Coach Cal Has a Big Mouth and No Rings

By June 16, 20115 Comments

Some musings and articles about and regarding our Blue Devils today…

1. Kyrie and why he left, it’s a little fun to play what ifs with Kyrie Irvings departure, fact is most of us think he was going to leave early no-matter-what. Most Duke fans realized that he was most likely a one-and-done before he even announced he was attending Duke, clearly the media loves to play up that Duke fans are hurt, or distraught that he left, but as strong a recruiter as Coach K is, I don’t think Duke fans are too worried, talent will always matriculate to Duke…Nice try ESPN.

2. Once again Coach Calipari takes a shot at Duke, implying that there is some fear of Kentucky and that Duke is ducking them. Why would they? Coach Calipari has yet to win a Championship, Coach K will do what is best for Duke and I’m sure isn’t concerned with the mind games. This is the second time recently that Cal has attempted to bring Duke into his media game claiming that when KY lost to WVU they were looking forward to Duke and that was why they lost…yawn…really? If that is the case then blame yourself Cal, a good coach has his team focused.

As for ducking Kentucky, Duke plays top notch talent every year, teams that are more often than not better than Kentucky, no one fears you Cal, you haven’t done enough to warrant that fear, win a natty then maybe someone will fear you. Feels like Coach K is the older brother who is being hounded by the little brother who wants to make a name for himself. Pick that fight if you want to Cal, you probably won’t like how it ends.

As for, honestly, NO ONE FEARS KENTUCKY, no one, why would they?? What have you accomplished in this decade? Yes Cal can recruit, and get players to the league, but cant win the big one. And is very good at rule breaking, something KY fans never seem to want to talk about.


  • David P says:

    Give me a break. Everyone knows Duke loads the schedule up with cupcakes every year. The load up with wins so they can stay at home and play their first two NCAA games in North Carolina. The NCAA loves the Dukies and always gives them the best possible schedule. What other teams get to play their first games in their own home state. Your team has a losing record against good teams out of your conference.

  • CatFanForever says:

    ROFLMAO!!! Right on David!! Also Dukies plz explain how us cat fans are still not over “the shot” we got our vengence in the NCAA South Regional Final in St. Petersburg. I will give you that under Tubby you guys didnt have any reason to fear the Cats, however under Cal’s leadership we are closer to that title each and every year. And if you really dont fear UK’s next team your just kidding yourselves. It’s ok little Dukies keep avoiding playing us for the time being hope to eat yall (yes i said yall, just a bunch of hillbilly’s over here anyway!!! LMAO) alive in the NCAA tournament! That is of course assuming you dont lose to a 5 seed again!

  • dukeblogger says:

    lol..David P, have you actually looked at the last 3 years worth of scheduling? Apparently not. Lets see..last year good teams out of conference:

    Win – michigan state
    Win – butler
    Win – marquette
    Win – kansas state
    Win – temple

    Loss – st johns

    The year before…:

    Win – uconn
    Win – st johns
    Win – gonzaga

    Loss – georgetown
    Loss – wisconsin

    The year before that:

    Win – purdue
    Win – michigan
    Win – xavier
    Win – georgetown
    Win – st johns
    Win – texas

    year before that:

    Win – marquette
    Win – wisonson
    Win – michigan
    Win – temple

    Loss – pitt

    Please check your facts..just saying.

    It’s very easy for you to say that Duke is avoiding Kentucky, how do you even know that Coach Cal has reached out to Duke officially? It’s not like he ever lied..oh wait, he’s known for that. He will say anything that either covers his tracks or makes him look good. Can’t wait til KY runs him out of town as they do every coach that cannot live up to the impossible standards of a fan base that is far less than knowledgeable.

  • Jay says:

    Duke blogger, there is NO way duke would have won the championship two years ago if they hadn’t gotten such a ridiculously easy bracket/tourney seeding. Even this year they were handed the tournament on a silver platter but sucked too much to win anything.

  • Dukeblogger says:

    That’s so funny, spoken like a person who’s team isn’t very good…lol. If your team had gotten the same schedule I’m sure you would have called it challenging.

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