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Dukeblogger caught up with Latest Duke Offer 2016 Center Marques Bolden (@MarquesB__)

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I caught up with the latest Duke offer Marques Bolden, 2016 Center prospect out of DeSoto High School, here is what he had to say.

Dukeblogger: What do you think the strength of your game is?
Marques Bolden: Posting up and facing up a little off the block.

Dukeblogger: What schools have been recruiting you the hardest?
Marques Bolden: Baylor, Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas.

Dukeblogger: Did the Duke offer surprise you?
Marques Bolden: I was talking to the coaches a lot so it did but not really.

Dukeblogger: What about Duke is different to him from other programs?
Marques Bolden: The thing that separates Duke from all the other universities is that they have many high standards and they really have a history of success.

Dukeblogger: Which coaches from Duke have been in contact with you the most?
Marques Bolden: Coach James from Duke.

Dukeblogger: How has it been interacting with them?
Marques Bolden: It has been pretty cool to interact with the coaches on a high level as such as them.

Dukeblogger: Are you planning to visit anytime soon?
Marques Bolden: If my parents can work something out then, yes.

Dukeblogger: Is there a player you pattern your game after or study?
Marques Bolden: I really like to watch Anthony Davis and LaMarcus Aldridge a lot … So those would have to be the players.

Dukeblogger: Who you got in the finals? Cleveland or Golden State?
Marques Bolden: Cleveland. #ALLinCLE

Dukeblogger: Haha I feel you, hopefully Kyrie gets back healthy. Thank you for your time, I know how busy you are so I appreciate you making the time.
Marques Bolden: Thanks. And yeah I hope he gets healthy too.

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