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I Think Not…

By November 6, 2010No Comments

This particular passage caught my eye in this SI article on John Calipari:

Two weeks after last season, which ended with a loss in the Elite Eight, the coach is sitting in a coffee shop. “Guy taps me on the shoulder,” Calipari says.

“Tough year, coach,” he says.

Calipari pauses. “Sir, can I tell you what is tough?

“New job, new staff, new team. Bring in lots of new players. You win the SEC. You win the SEC tournament. You go to an Elite Eight. If you don’t start that game 0-for-20 from three, you probably win the national title.”

Seriously? All i can say to that is, shut the hell up, it’s always about the what ifs with Calipari. I don’t want to hear about Kentucky looking ahead to Duke, or any other self-serving excuse. This is the team that barely squeaked by UNC.