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Important Road Test…Who Are We Kidding, it’s UNC, it’s Always Big!!

By February 10, 2010No Comments

Anyone who things this is going to be a cakewalk is mistaken, anyone who assumes Duke is heads and shoulders above UNC is a fool. Just because this team is having a tough year, does not mean they are not hungry, and what better way to get into the tourney and make a statement than taking down Duke when you aren’t expected to. Ginyard was quoted as saying its Good vs Evil, and you know for sure that Roy Williams is playing that up, using every motivational tool in the book. No matter how much you hate deputy dog over there, you have to admit that he is arguably one of the best coaches in the game, and he does have to national titles. Williams will have them ready to play, I look for a very big surge at the beginning of this game. Do not overlook the talent on this team.

I expect the Heels to go early and often to Ed Davis, and Deon Thompson… that is where they have a distinct advantage, those guys can score the ball with efficiency and if Duke does not defend the post well look for UNC to make a real good game of this. Duke will have the advantage on the perimeter assuming they can hit shots and defend the drive to the basket from the UNC guards, expect a lot of one on one from the guards to break the Devils down off of the dribble. Duke will also have to be able to defend off of switches, our smalls guarding their bigs etc. This has worked to help defeat Duke this year and I look for Ol’ Roy to exploit it.

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