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NCAA championship buzz: Singler is most outstanding player

Emotions high and low at Hinkle Fieldhouse

Duke’s Smith says he will return; Singler undecided

Nolan Smith Wins A Title For His Father

Duke great at being good for elite Coach K

Duke’s ‘Big 3’ Hold On Against Butler To Win Title


Duke Survives Butler Buzzer-Beater to Win NCAA Championship

Duke does it, in 61-59 thriller over Butler


A Word About Zoubek


  1. That was a great game last night! As soon as it was over I put on an amazing documentary I bought awhile back. It’s called, “Gunnin’ for that #1 Spot.” It’s about eight of the U.S.’s top high school basketball players competing in the first “Elite 24″ tournament at Rucker Park. What’s amazing about this film is it features an even younger Kyle Singler, an incredible player back then, but you can see from last nights game how much he’s improved. Anyways, I just wanted to tell you guys about this film, you should all definitely check it out to see some really great players, like Michael Beasley, before they had their big break.

    Here’s a link to the film’s trailer:

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