Loved Coach K’s response….

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Q. Doug Gottlieb called your team alarmingly unathletic.  Did you think today answered that question pretty emphatically?

COACH MIKE KRZYZEWSKI: He should be an expert on alarmingly non‑athletic.  So I’ll have to take a look at that a little bit closer because it comes from an expert who actually knows what it feels like to be alarmingly non‑athletic.


  1. @dukeblogger Did K really say that?? My man!! Gottlieb is a bit too arrogant for me.

  2. @robertrscott He said it alright, it’s good to see him take a shot back once in a while. Gottlieb isn’t even the best of the rest at espn

  3. @dukeblogger Gottlieb=talking head. Reads headlines and thinks he knows anything.

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