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Opening Statement: 

“Before any questions, horrible news waking up to this morning in Virginia. Hearts out to the victims. A friend of mine was telling me earlier, there’s 600 shootings we’ve had this year, mass shootings. Two a day is pretty sad news. I just want everybody to know there are hearts with them thinking the victim and the football team. Really sad. I just want to share that our hearts are with them. 

On Duke’s history in Indianapolis and if that plays a role: 

“No to be honest with you. I do think about that Indy has been good to us: no question. We’ve had some special moments there. I’ve been pretty locked in on Kansas and our team and what we need to do to get ready for tomorrow night. There’s no question that think about the special moments we’ve had, but that doesn’t go into the preparation necessarily, for this game.” 

On the needed consistency on the defensive end against Kansas: 

“I think just the consistency of doing it, right? The consistency of how we play and pick-and-roll defense, and we are contesting every shot. We’ve made life difficult, but in the first two games, they’ve also missed open shots against us. A team like Kansas, they’re going make you pay for those. As much as we can, we must be finishing possessions and finishing plays off. Again, we’ve done a good job, but against Kansas, we need to step our game up and do even better. The consistency of our defense every single night, every single possession, and trying to limit open shots is really what it all comes down to.” 

On different looks defensively against guard-heavy Kansas: 

“For us, our base defense is man, and we’ve haven’t played zone yet. That’s something always smart to have in your back pocket. Against a team like Kansas, you have to be prepared; you hope your initial defenses is ready and works, but they’re going to counter and having other defenses ready is important. I’m not going sit here and say exactly what those defenses are and what we’re thinking, but they present a big, tough challenge. There’s no question about it and they can hurt you a lot of different ways. They share the ball very well so it’s going to take a collective effort when you’re on the floor. You have to guard, you can’t hide: you can’t. They attack everybody, and that will be a great challenge for our guys.” 

On team bonding and how the team is looking before the first road trip: 

“The best way to bond is to win; that’s definitely the best way. We did a scrimmage which really helped us learn what happens on the road. Staying in a hotel, your meals, and the time the bus leaves won’t be the first time we go through it. It’ll be the first time for real game and the fact the game is late, it’s a long day and [importantly] understanding to be patient and get some rest during the day. We’re excited for it. We’re excited. We’re excited for everything that comes with this game and just want to go out there give our best effort. And then, we’ll see how to improve and go from there.” 


On initiating the offense along with Jeremy Roach and Tyrese Proctor: 

“It is great tool that we can have. All three of us, [Jeremy Roach and Tyrese Proctor] can bring the ball up, initiate the offense, and put each other in scoring opportunities. I think [when] Kyle and Mark get a defensive rebound, they can also push in transition. We have a great balance of just playing off each other on and off the ball. We can create scoring opportunities for each other and get into paint. We are just very unselfish in that way.” 

On what this game means tomorrow: 

“This is a program game for us. This is why you come to Duke to play in games like this. We’ve played two games, we had a scrimmage against Houston, and I think those are all big games. It’s always a big game when we have “DUKE” on your chest. So going into this game, I think that we have to do what we do. At the end of the day, we’ll live with what happens.” 

On the excitement and pride that comes with playing for Duke: 

“It just speaks to what is the game tomorrow — program game. Just putting out Duke, you’re representing a whole Brotherhood behind you, you know you have that support coming behind you. So, I think of the people that have wore that number before me; I owe them a lot to go out there and play every day. But also, you owe a lot to the people that have worn that jersey before you with the name letters across your chest.” 


On assessing himself and the team so far: 

“We have a whole new team compared to last year, everyone’s getting more comfortable playing every game and every day in practice with each other. So, I think we’re doing a great job overall, holding our roles and holding each other accountable for what our roles are. I’m going to do whatever I can right now just to get the win. I feel like I have a lot of potential going down the road to produce more than what I am doing.” 

On the skill set and versatility of Jacob Grandison: 

“That guy can do everything. He can shoot, he plays defense, and he’s a great leader for us. He has a lot of experience playing college basketball and a lot of us just feed off his just his wisdom and just way he just brings it when he’s on the floor. We feed off his energy. He’s great, pushing the ball, getting other people involved, and making the right play. We just all feed off him learn from him.” 

On the excitement and pride that comes with playing for Duke: 

“It’s just like an honor to put the jersey on every day and have the four letters go across your chest. With the numbers and all the greats that have played before us, it’s not only representing ourselves, but everyone who’s come along the way. It’s something special to be here and you definitely don’t want to mess that up at all.”