No Sympathy for that Devil

By August 5, 2011No Comments

Once again John Calipari is out to take a bit of a jab at Coach K and at Duke. What I don’t understand is what purpose does it serve? It’s a one sided affair. No one at Duke os shuffling to respond to JC, I abbreviate his name in that way because I truly believe he has a Jesus Christ complex. Always rushing to justify some rule he has broken and feeling slighted when others may or may not have broken an unrelated rule unknowingly. I’m not sure if he is trying to stir some imaginary pot or if he has a purpose? It just comes off as sour grapes. Why not just coach your team and keep others names out of your mouth, it makes you look childish, immature and desperate for some sort of attention that can only come from starting some controversy. I severely doubt that the powers-that-be at Duke are in the slightest bit worried about you, the ambiguous rule or any supposed war of words.

Of course JC as usual is just twisting the facts to meet his own needs, how out of the norm for him, I know. Kelvin Sampson and Coach K did things very differently, one knowingly contacted recruits, while one received a call from a recruit. There is a huge difference..that of intent. But as a Duke fan it’s nice and funny to see the conspiracy theorists come out of the wood-work.

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