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One & Done a Failure at Duke? Way too Early to Tell in My Opinion (some thoughts)

By January 29, 20183 Comments
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  • dslaw19says:

    K and duke need to do what’s best for the program. He has always recruited the best players. It’s only lately that he has started getting more potential 1 year guys in abundance.

    Even in 2014, okafor was the only one considered 1 and done. Justise and Jones played their way into the NBA draft 1st round. Last year was the first year that K got multiple potential 1 year kids in the same year. And only tatum and giles were considered 1 and done.

    People need to cut it out and tell the story properly.

  • dslaw19says:

    You know the haters always want to spin it, to slander.

    The NBA could and probably will soon, correct the age rule. K and company will adapt, and keep on winning big. Which is the REAL duke mantra. Adapt and thrive.

    I really want duke to win it all this year and next. Not only because I’m die hard and thirsty for chips, but because I want K to stick it hard to the haters.

    If Alabama and the patriots can, duke is on deck.

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