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Poll: The Psychology of Duke Basketball Fans

By October 21, 2014October 23rd, 20146 Comments

This 25 question poll is not “Who’s your favorite player?” or “Do you think Coach K is the best?” The questions are more involved, so please answer honestly and only one time. I hope you find the poll interesting and recommend it to any Duke fans that you know. As soon as I feel I have gotten a good number of responses, I will write my analysis of the results. Thank you very much, Duke fans!

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  • Phil says:

    Go Duke!

  • Mitzi Vernon says:

    Loved the poll! LET’S GO DUKE!!! 🙂

  • Peggy Harper says:

    Wow. What about us REAL Duke fans–went to Duke before Coach K and were fans even then? The fans that had season football tix ten years ago when they weren’t winning? Really–Grant Hill is the oldest basketball player you could think of? Oh, well, why didn’t you just suggest that no one over 40 reply to your survey? Or do you just figure no one older than that is on Twitter? Sheesh!

  • Adam Comarow says:

    I appreciate your feedback Peggy, and I encourage you to make sure you clicked the most recent link if you completed the survey on your phone. Up until 10:00 AM today (10/23/14) the link cut off responses to questions, and had trouble letting users advance through the poll when taking it on phones. At 10:00 AM, the glitch was corrected, and all of the responses should be shown as well as the poll navigation working.
    After the Grant Hill choice, there should be:
    -Johnny Dawkins
    -Mike Gminski
    The question was “If Duke history is important, what player should your knowledge date back to?”
    If you think it is important for a Duke fan’s knowledge to date back further than Mike Gminski, then I should have make another option. I would love for you to be able to answer that question again, using the correct link. I take full blame for the poll glitch that lasted until this morning, and I apologize. If you took the poll on a computer, though, I’m not sure why you didn’t see the options after Grant Hill.
    Again, thank you for your feedback, Peggy.

    -Adam Comarow

  • Bermuda Bob says:

    Greetings, Adam !!!

    An interesting set of questions. Some seemed “directed” and on some I wish there was an extra option spot to explain a different opinion that defines things. For instance, (a) why I’m a fan, (b) what type of fan I am, (c) how I interact with non-fans, etc. I’d love to go thru the survey and answer your questions with my personalized answers.

    I think it would be interesting to do a PodCast. A good friend of mine and I currently do a PodCast about weekly golf, so I understand the effort that needs to go into a successful “show” …

    I also think it would be interesting as we have very different points of view do to age, opinion, history, etc … I’m free to talk with you on it if you wish … Drop me a line, please !!!

    Rock On !!!

  • Adam Comarow says:

    As much as I would enjoy hearing each person’s individual and specific answers to questions, I feel the options fit into the perspective of 99% of fans. And with multiple choice polls (as opposed to open-ended) that’s pretty much the goal. As for the “directed” comment, there was no conscious effort on my part to direct anything, so if it seemed that way, it was totally unintended. Thanks for the feedback, Bob!

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