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Dukeblogger caught up with Tre Jones, the 2018 PG out of Apple Valley in Minnesota, pre- Countdown to Craziness for a quick hitter, here is what he had to say:

Dukeblogger: You’ve been to CTC (Countdown to Craziness) previously right?

Tre Jones:Yes.


Dukeblogger: Do you think it will be a completely different vibe going as a recruit?

Tre Jones: I think it will be different going as a recruit with them being more focused on me now.


Dukeblogger: Did you end up learning about the staff when Tyus (Tyus Jones) was being recruited or was it more of a process of looking at Duke with fresh eyes?

Tre Jones:I learned a lot about the coaching staff as Tyus went through the process.


Dukeblogger: Are there players in the NBA that you either try to emulate or pattern your game after?

Tre Jones:I would say obviously besides my brother, Kyrie Irving, Chris Paul, Tony Parker, Russell Westbrook.


Dukeblogger: What do you feel you will bring to the school that you commit to?

Tre Jones:
Passion, competitiveness, leadership, toughness and work ethic.


Dukeblogger: Conversely what are you looking for in a school and a program?

Tre Jones:Good education, good connection with coaches and players, winning tradition, and a good fit.


Dukeblogger: What’s on the Tre Jones playlist today?

Tre Jones:Lil Uzi Vert, Drake, Future, Lil Wayne


[highlight style=”align: center;”]Tre Jones holds offers from Texas Tech, UCLA, Minnesota, Memphis, Baylor, Arizona and Duke[/highlight]

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