Rising Stars: PG Dominick Harris is Burning Up the West Coast

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Dominick Harris may be the best class of 2020 point guard you’ve never heard of. Hailing from Newport Beach, CA and attending Pacifica Christian Orange County High School, Dominick is quickly making a name for himself on the west coast. In addition to filling his trophy shelf with awards like the 2017 High School John Wooden Award, Dominick is also filling up the stat sheet. He boasts a 50 point game as well as a couple of 40 point games this season and is already being courted by D1 schools, he holds several offers and some of the biggest programs in the country are starting to track the 6’3″ point guard.
Harris is not solely an offensive player, he’s an adept passer and rebounds his position well. His offense is often triggered by his stout defense.

I was able to catch up with Dominick and here is what he had to say:


Dukeblogger: First off, congratulations on the Wooden Award. Seems like you kinda blew up your freshman year, are you surprised by how well you’ve played?

Dominick L. Harris: Thank you, I appreciate it. No, I’m not necessarily surprised. I trusted the process, put in a lot of reps, and gave all the glory to God.


Dukeblogger: You’ve been putting up some ridiculous point totals, 50 in a game and 40 a couple of times. Is the game just coming easier to you now?

Dominick L. Harris: I feel like the game has always came to me easily. I’ve always played at a high level. So the transition this year was seamless because of the amount of work I’ve put in. I’m a gym rat.


Dukeblogger: It seems you’ve been in a pretty extensive strength and conditioning program already, do you think that will help you to better prepare for the next level?

Dominick L. Harris: Since I was 9 my dad has been preparing me for the league. That’s our goal. We feel like extensive strength and conditioning is not only one of the main components of getting to the league, along with staying above the competition.


Dukeblogger: Has having a dad who’s a coach helped your development as a player?

Dominick L. Harris: Most definitely. I’ve been able to not only benefit from a physical aspect but also mental. My dad who coaches NAIA D1 continuously elevates my basketball IQ daily. I’m constantly breaking down film using Synergy, he gives me every tool as a college coach to help me become a better basketball player.


Dukeblogger: How well did your team do this year?

Dominick L. Harris: I felt like my team did amazing this year. We went 24-5, with a CIF Finals Runner-Up award and CIF State Quarterfinals appearance. I was just really proud of the way my guys/teammates fought this year.


Dukeblogger: Obviously just going into your sophomore year your recruitment is just beginning, you have a good amount of offers already; have you been in touch with a lot of other schools?

Dominick L. Harris: I’ve been fortunate enough to have a lot of schools reach out. The recruitment process is going great. I currently hold interest from PAC 12, Big Ten, SEC, BIG West, ACC, and WCC schools. A lot of great programs out there, I’m excited about the process


Dukeblogger: You’ll be getting some pretty high major offers pretty soon, are you prepared for the type of attention that brings?

Dominick L. Harris: I welcome the attention but I remain humble. I have put in the work and God has truly guided me, which I’m certainly thankful for. My work ethic and pursuit of excellence will not change no matter the size of the audience.


Dukeblogger: What parts of your game do think are your strengths right now and what do you need to work on?

Dominick L. Harris: I am relentless in trying to improve my game in all aspects of the game of basketball. Leaders never stop learning.


Dukeblogger: Is there a player that you pattern your game after?

Dominick L. Harris: There are a lot of great players out there, I try to take a lot of elite things out of players’ games, such as Dame Lillard, Kyrie, and John Wall.


Dukeblogger: Is there a particular type of offense that you think is best suited for your game?

Dominick L. Harris: My skill-set and basketball IQ will allow me to thrive in any functional offense. I will produce and make my teammates better.


Dukeblogger: I appreciate the time and we’ll hopefully be checking in with you soon man!

Dominick L. Harris: Thank you, I appreciate it! Hope to hear from you soon.


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