Short Rant…College Basketball Analysts and Writers – Stop Trying to Sell a False Narrative.

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One would think that any anti-Duke bias would stop or at least not insist upon itself when one takes a job as an analyst or when one's job is to write nationally about college basketball...boy was I wrong. It's been pretty interesting to watch takes on the Duke -UCF game - a game that was clearly an instant classic.

We all know that Duke hate sells, Duke hate gets clicks but to assert that the game last night was called in Dukes favor is ridiculously stupid. Be it Jeff Goodman, Rob Dauster, Seth Greenberg or whomever it's just not the case. I expect as much from the casual college basketball fan but isn't your job to be more than that?

There were plenty of calls that went Duke's way and plenty of calls that went the other way. We understand you need to sell your headlines but please don't cheapen a great game by being one of the many basketball conspiracy theorists - I would hope y'all are better than that - at least you should be.

If you only want to call out the bad officiating instances that sell your narrative and avoid the rest, then your bias is showing. Stop trying to sell a headline that you in fact know is complete and utter non-sense.



  1. Yes. People always think that the hardworking, talented as well as disciplined Blue Devils. Have to have a crutch to win.
    When it are those core things that make them stand out among the elite teams in the NCAA Basketball Program. The
    whole chemical make up of the Duke Blue Devils evolves around the nucleus (Coach K) and the intelligent, former Duke
    talent that resides in the assistant coaches, that are the true instruments and mechanism that enhances those players on the
    battlefield (the court) . No Duke doesn’t have to cheat to win. They play to win. They are merciless and relentless when it
    comes to their rivals, which is the whole NCAA Basketball Program. As they ought to be, rightfully so. Coach K runs a clean
    basketball program. Always has, always will. I am thankful that I have been able to see in my life time, the championships,
    wins, victories, and the great talent that has come out of Duke under Coach K. And to be able to watch an NBA game
    and see that Duke most likely has the most players competing on the Big Stage. But they did not get there by cheating.
    Lastly, GO DUKE! Bring home a championship for 2019.

  2. Totally agree, but don’t forget, that Duke Bashing gets clicks and sells page views.Having watched the game, and many others, I do believe that Duke gets as many for as against, and fouls against get missed as much as anyone else, UNC, UK, MSU included. Besides, it would take a RICO type organization to structure ref rigging across 40 years. Come on !

  3. This article and the comments by Terry are so well said. We know that some disgruntled fans make comments against Duke. It is ridiculous when similar comments are made by analysts. I have been a fan for many years and I am proud of Coach K and his integrity and style of coaching. The game Sunday was incredible. Both teams played hard. Go Duke!

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