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Signal Boost for a Good Cause

By January 11, 2018No Comments

A little bit of a signal boost here but anyone that knows Baltimore knows their school system is a mess and the principal of one such school in Baltimore (Lakeland Elementary /Middle School) is trying out a program to get kids interested and motivated to go to college and also to seek out more information about colleges. They want these kids to think of themselves in terms of eventual college graduates. They are asking that people donate college sweatshirts and hoodies. They can be used or new. This serves a dual purpose of helping the students stay warm in the cold school buildings as well.

Mr. Espinoza from Lakeland wanted to make it 100% clear that these items do not have to be new items. If you already have them in your possession and want to donate that is also fine.

You can send the items to:

Lakeland Elementary / Middle School
c/o Luis Espinoza
2921 Stranden Road
Baltimore, MD 21230

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