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Small quick rant in defense of Jamele Hill

By September 16, 2017One Comment

In defense of Jamele Hill, I’ll say this: people often say that when we go to work we have to leave who we are at the door. Our views, our race – all of that – isn’t supposed to matter. When people speak of privilege this is another form of it in that if you are a minority in this country you do not and will never have that luxury. To say we are the same is a very narrow-minded view of who we are and how we interact as a society. When I walk into a building or store or a job I’m a Black man. That is the reality of things. It comes with a whole host of judgment before I say a word, before I do a thing.

Privilege does not mean you don’t work hard for what you have, it also doesn’t mean you are a racist of a bad person. What it does mean is that society views you differently than me – there are certain underlying benefits that you will always inherently receive. Whether it’s being pulled over by the cops and not getting guns drawn on you, or not being followed around in a store, the assumption of guilt. These things may not be things that you notice because you have never been without them – again, it’s not an insult or a character assassination. It’s just a fact – history and present day bear this out. Privilege also allows you to view what happens in our government as “just politics”, when your life, your livelihood, you actual ability to live in this country, to raise your family is directly at risk. It’s not simply just politics, it’s not just about winning or losing. The shift from administration to administration may not matter much to your day-to-day but for some it truly means everything.

Unfortunately the subject of privilege is a difficult one because when it’s mentioned, the assumption is that there is some heavy lift associated with the discussion. In reality the only thing that minorities, whether they are Hispanic, Black, Indian or any group is looking for is understanding, acknowledgement and awareness that these inequities are who we are as a nation. Nothing progresses or changes without that understanding. So when Jamele Hill checks Trump on TV, I’m not mad at it – and the fact that some rather strike back at her rather than the circumstances that created the NEED for her to make her statement is pretty sad. They say stick to sports but sports is a huge part of culture and crosses lines into every aspect of society. Sticking to sports means analyzing the impact it has on other parts of society and how other parts of society impact sports.

I was born here and have the right to criticize any and ever aspect of this country if I so choose. What I find more and more is that we have no problem white-washing our history. We do not acknowledge our own mistakes. We are so infatuated with being “the best country in the world” that we ignore the issues that make that statement completely farcical. If you can’t examine yourself at your worst you can never really be at your best.

One Comment

  • Mister BlueDevil says:

    Two things I don’t mix with “Duke” Basketball. Politics and Religion, Religion and Politics.
    So in defense of sports in general. I tune into ESPN for sports, I tune into Fox Sports, SEC, for sports. Not for politics, not a commentator expressing their own personal agenda on politics. I read your articles to keep up on Duke, and generally their pretty good. But what I don’t want to open up in an email, is more politics. That’s what Fox News, CNN, and MSNBC is for. A lot of these people have hidden agendas and are not doing a very good job of. . . well. . doing their jobs. The journalist aren’t doing their job, the commentators aren’t doing their job, the people in government aren’t doing their jobs, we as a whole society aren’t doing our jobs. But at the end of the day and the start of a new season. I know that I will always have Coach K and an All Star Cast of hardworking, talented, disciplined players. Who are ready to put it all on the line to get their job done and have a successful season. And that my brother, is food for thought. Leave the politics, to the politicians. And the rest will fall into place. Grayson Allen, Trevon Duval, Gary Trent Jr. , Jordan Tucker, Javin DeLaurier, Jordan Goldwire, Alex O’Connell, Marques Bolden, Antonio Vrankovic, Wendell Carter Jr. . Marvin Bagley III, Jack White, Justin Robinson, Brennan Besser, There is no one better than this group to take this challenge on in achieving a championship (ACC and Nationally) . They are going to have an amazing year.

    Let’s Get It, Let’s Go – DUKE!!

    Mister BlueDevil

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