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  • Briansays:

    Very well written! I appreciate your thoughts on the upcoming season. Is it me or does there seem to be more intrigue on the upcoming season than in years past? Don’t get me wrong people seem to be intrigued a lot of the time when it comes to Duke. I believe because of the recruiting class Duke brought in this year there is more intrigue, or uncertainty or curiosity maybe even excitement, Whatever the word it feels like it’s multiplied this season. I think because of the top 3 recruits, regardless of whether they finished as the top 3 overall recruits in the class they will be remembered as such and therefore people are way more curious as to what is going to happen this season more so than in years past. A lot of people are rooting for them to fail but it all adds up to more intrigue than in years past. Just wanted to let you know I thought this was well written(typed) and I enjoy reading your tweets about Duke and other things going on in the World!!

  • Thanks for the comment, there is a lot of intrigue perhaps because of the overall youth of this team, but I agree – a lot more intrigue. I appreciate you reading and commenting.

  • I’m definitely more intrigued with Duke this season than most past seasons, but not for any of the reasons stated above. I’m dating a girl that’s a huge Duke fan and since I’m a Villanova fan, I wanted to at least know a few things about her favorite team. This post really came in handy, thanks Brian!

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