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Here is an article by Jeff Goodman of CBS Sports regarding Quinn Cook and what he means to this years iteration of the Duke Blue Devils. Cook is definitely a key cog to whatever success matriculates to Durham this year. With Cook at his best he can take some elements of Kyrie Irvings’ game a la drawing the defense toward him and freeing up the big men underneath or swinging the ball out to the wings. He can also break his man down and stick the mid-range jumper if that shot is available. The best thing other teams can do for Duke is to underestimate the “Cook Factor”.

The player who should benefit the most from having a traditional pass-first point guard is PF Mason Plumlee. Plumlee should thrive with Cook at the helm. With a year under his belt and a clear vision and understanding of what the coaches are looking for, Cook could be, along with Mason Plumlee, the most pivotal pieces.