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Why Duke Does Not Have A Transfer Problem

By December 18, 2009No Comments

Yes if you look at it on paper Duke has had a rash of transfers from it’s basketball program.

Who are the transfers: Eric Boateng, Jamal Boykin, Taylor King, Elliot Williams, Michael Thompson and now possibly Olek Czyz

Looking at each case its plain to see the issue is more with the athlete than the school itself or the program. With Boateng, Thompson and Czyz, there was going to be no time, no one wants to come and sit the bench but it happens. These recruits were probably overly ranked and were recruited over in following years. Anyone who say either of them play can tell you, they were not ready to contribute and the window of opportunity shrunk in a hurry for all 3.

Taylor King, well if you believe the press, the message boards and his schoolmates, was soft physically, doughy even, and had a bit of an entitlement issue. Certainly he didn’t want to play defense, or develop a mid-range game. The year off did him good and a change or scenery helped as well.

Elliot Williams and Jamal Boykin both had issues with family and wanted to be closer to home. Counting either of these as a failure on Dukes part is just flawed logic. Dukes transfer rates are in line with most other top basketball programs including KY, UCONN, UCLA, FL, AZ.