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Dukies In The NBA

Will the Miami Heat Compete With the Addition of Luol Deng?

By August 6, 2014No Comments

The Miami Heat have been stockpiling talent this off-season, some to lure Lebron James back into the mix (which obviously didn’t work) and more recently to offset the loss of the Akron Hammer and to update an over-the-hill and lackluster bench. The addition of Luol Deng was important piece to that puzzle but will he vault them into contention with the loss of Lebron James?

Here is one man’s opinion:

After turning down a three-year $30 million extension with the Bulls this past season, Luol Deng signed a two-year deal with the Miami Heat for $20 million. With LeBron James now in Cleveland, Deng has to take on the impossible task of filling the departed shoes of the King…