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Yay!! The Conference Schedule is out…

By September 2, 2015No Comments

Duke’s full conference schedule – I will add these to the downloadable calendar soon.

Jan. 2 at Boston College

Jan. 6 at Wake Forest

Jan. 9 vs. Virginia  Tech

Jan. 13 at Clemson

Jan. 16 vs. Notre Dame

Jan. 18 vs. Syracuse

Jan. 23 at N.C. State

Jan. 25 at Miami

Feb. 2 at Georgia Tech

Feb. 6 vs. N.C. State

Feb. 8 vs. Louisville

Feb. 13 vs. Virginia

Feb. 17 at North Carolina

Feb. 20 at Louisville

Feb. 25 vs. Florida State

Feb. 28 at Pittsburgh

March 1 vs. Wake Forest

March 5 vs. North Carolina

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