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Dukeblogger: First off thank you for the time Javin and congratulations on committing to Duke University. Some people enjoy the recruiting process and some people think it’s a hassle, what was your experience like?

Javin DeLaurier: The recruiting process was definitely a blessing for me and my family, and I appreciate all of the schools that did recruit me. That being said, It definitely wears on you as time goes on and I was glad when it was over.

Once Duke offered did you have an idea that you may commit there relatively quickly?

Javin DeLaurier: I wasn’t sure how fast I would commit but they became on of the front-runners instantly. I had been a Duke fan prior to my recruitment process beginning so getting that offer was kind of like a dream come true.

What do you think you can bring to the court on next year’s team?

Javin DeLaurier: I think next year I will be able to make an impact with the energy and toughness I bring to the floor. I think those two things combined with my athleticism will help us win games as I develop my skills and become a better player.

Anything specific that the coaches wanted you to work on this coming season before you get to Durham?

Javin DeLaurier: Refining my craft in general. Keeping my guide hand on the ball till the release, tightening my handle, and being able to make quick and decisive moves in the post.

You seemed to have bonded some with your fellow commits, do you guys talk often?

Javin DeLaurier: I think the guys we have coming in are great, and I’m really excited to grow on and off the floor with them. We keep in touch every once in a while just to see how everyone’s doing, and social media makes it pretty easy to see how well they’ve been playing, and it seems like Harry’s recovery is going which is great

One thing I noticed and like about your game is your ability to stick the mid-range jumper, is that something you added to make yourself more versatile or was it by necessity?

Javin DeLaurier: Absolutely a desire, I try to be as versatile as possible because it allows me to take advantage of the defense in different ways, and doesn’t allow the defense to play off me. It took a lot of time and as I mentioned earlier I have some work to do in order to keep growing and expand my range even further

Another thing is that you really run the court well, people describe you as having a high-motor guy, is that just good coaching? Something you picked up on that big guys that run get rewarded?

Javin DeLaurier: It was just something I learned. I can’t always control if shots will fall etc. but I know that I can always bring all I have to the court, and make plays in order to help my team win.

Has anything changed in regard to how you approach the game or even in how you are treated on the court since you committed?

Javin DeLaurier: I’m just excited. Every workout is that much more meaningful because I know what I’m working towards in terms of next year, and I just want to get better.

I really appreciate your time man, and I cannot wait, along with the rest of #dukenation to see you on the court next year.

Javin DeLaurier: No problem!

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