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13 Assassins of Duke Basketball

By August 27, 20152 Comments

A group of assassins come together from all over the country for a mission to kill it on the court and gain the coveted 6th banner for the House of Cameron! Click for full size.

Director: Dukeblogger

Writers: Dukeblogger

Stars: Chase Jeter, Grayson Allen, Luke Kennard, Derryck Thornton, Matt Jones, Brandon Ingram, Amile Jefferson, Antonio Vrankovic, Sean Obi, Marshall Plumlee, Nick Pagliuca, Justin Robinson, Brennan Besser


  • Dianasays:

    Brian–In this day and age of assassins who are terrorizing the world, this seems extremely inappropriate. Would you please consider removing it?

  • I understand your point but this is simply a movie reference. There will always be something that sounds inappropriate but they are completely unrelated. It is obviously not meant to offend. Sports is one of our means of escape. I respect your point though.

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