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On the importance of having Javin DeLaurier back for next season:
“It is huge. We are really happy with Marques (Bolden) staying in (the NBA Draft) as he got some good, positive feedback. We will have an older upperclass which is something we need. Jack (White), Javin, Justin Robinson will be in graduate school. Alex (O’Connell) and Jordan (Goldwire) are juniors –- hard to believe –- and they have learned a lot. We didn’t look at any transfers or grad transfers, we thought that we just wanted to stick with the guys we have and we didn’t try to get any additional kids in recruiting, and we felt ‘let’s go with the group that we have’ and be committed to them and hopefully it works out well.”

On what is going to be special about this incoming class:
“Hopefully they interact with the upper classmen. A lot will be expected of them, especially the two big guys because we do not have a lot of depth at big. Again, we will play a style that will be suited to what we have. We are really excited about Wendell (Moore). He’s a winner and plays everywhere on the court and Cassius (Stanley) late, athletically and basketball-wise he can contribute. I think a lot more balance and hopefully be a deep team and a healthy team.” On areas of Tre (Jones) game that can be improved for next year: “The main thing for me is for him to be a more vocal leader. I think as a freshman that’s hard and he was good. He understood what was out there and obviously had a heck of a year. I need him to be more verbal and more vocal in running group and also demanding in how certain things are run.”

On how viable is improving the three-point shooting this next season:
“It’s just the matter of people. Two years ago we were an unbelievable three-point shooting team. We were a hell of a scoring team and have been a really good scoring team every year and you can’t get fixated on the lowest percentage that you score from, you have to figure out how to score the ball and that’s what we will do with this team and not systemize our guys so that we can go to their strengths. Obviously we scored a lot of points last year and we didn’t get eliminated because we couldn’t shoot the three, we lost to a heck of a team and Zion’s (Williamson) injury knocked us back.”


Being back at Duke after the first year in the NBA:
“First of all it’s great to be back. It’s cool that we have so many guys come back for this event and it makes it a lot of fun to catch up. I talked to a lot of the guys over the phone and text back and forth but it’s cool to be back together with all of them and with a lot of the guys I played with and to meet some of the guys who will be on this next year’s team.”

On if he got better throughout his first NBA season:
“I definitely think I got better. That was really my only goal. I tried not to put any pressure or expectation in regards to playing time stats and what that meant but for me I am proud of my first year because I can look at some of the games from the beginning of the year and some games at the end of the year and see improvement everywhere on the court.”

On what he thought of last year’s team and Zion:
“I watched a pretty good amount just because they are so fun to watch. Zion himself is to fun to watch, not just because he can dunk but because of the energy and the level of excitement and joy he plays with and it seems like it was contagious to the rest of the team. It’s fun to see a lot of the guys I played with and their development. Jack, Javin and Marques, guys like Alex and Jordan, who played big minutes this year which was awesome, but I was proud to see those guys improve and step up this year and also to watch the freshman do what they did was incredible.”


On the main reasons of coming back and not going to the NBA:
“I felt like I was still wanting to accomplish more here. I still had a lot more to work on and improve on and just being a part of the family, there is nothing like it.”

On specific things to improve on for next year:
“I wouldn’t say any main things but just everything in my game. A year ago when I was coming into college I wanted to improve on everything throughout my game and I feel like there are still a lot of steps I can make here at the college level.”

On if it was a tough decision to come back for next year:
“I don’t want to say it was a tough decision at all. I didn’t even test the waters and knew I wanted to stay for my second year right away.”


On the attention the freshman class may get next year:
“I am not nervous about the attention. I have kind of had the attention all my life really playing team CP3 and team USA and all that comes with attention as well so for me this is kind of another step towards a milestone.”

On what its meant to be on campus growing up a Duke fan and having it all come true:
“Like you said, I have grown up a Duke fan so to me this a dream come true. Being able to play in this stadium, playing for a great coach, great team and a great historical program it is just a big dream finally coming true.”

On his thoughts when Tre Jones elected to come back to Duke:
“When I first found out I was excited for him. He did what was best for him. I feel he makes us a lot better and him coming back is a huge piece for us and now I think we can make a lot of noise this year.”


On the experience of making the playoffs for the first time as an NBA player last season and how the Pistons can improve for next year:
“It was awesome. I didn’t make it my rookie year but obviously we made it this year and it was a lot of fun. It wasn’t easy to get there, that’s what they tell us, and we ended up playing the Bucks in the first round who obviously made it pretty far so hopefully next year we can continue to work on the things we need to work on and make the playoffs again and keep getting better and getting farther into it.”

On if he sees himself as a Piston for a long time:
“I think so and I hope so. I really do like it up there a lot. You just have to continue to get better. One of the first things I heard when I got into the league was it’s a business. So you never know what could happen. I never thought I would get a new coach in a year but things happen and people get traded but I would like to be there. I like a lot, I like the people, the fans and it’s close to home too.”

On the impact The Brotherhood has on players who are preparing for the NBA:
“Having events like this and having a lot of former players back and some of the freshman who are coming in this year, it’s good to connect with them about some experiences you had while you were here. Obviously we have a lot of guys who have been to the NBA or are still in the NBA so you can talk about that too. Just continuing to let those guys know that this is the place to be to build relationships, to get better, to get to the next level, so it is cool to talk with them.”