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A Few Questions With 2016 Lights Out Shooter Ty Graves

By August 8, 2013No Comments


Recently, I caught up with class of 2016 guard Ty Graves (@_TYG3), cousin of former UNC Player Will Graves, who is a huge Duke fan and hoping to garner some interest from Duke soon. In the mold of Duke guards from the past he is a lights out shooter who is looking to expand his game:

Brian: So, what are the strengths of your game?

Ty Graves: Number one strength is shooting, from anywhere midrange, threes, wherever

Brian: What do you want to improve going into next year?

Ty Graves: I want to improve my vocal leading skills and finishing

Brian: How would you describe your game?

Ty Graves: I describe my game as a quick fast strong guard who can shoot it from anywhere and also facilitate.

Brian: What schools are you interested in and what schools are showing you interest currently?

Ty Graves: Rice, Davidson, VT, UVA, Wake Forest, Tulsa, Clemson, and Penn State have all sent letters and are interested.
I’m interested in all of the schools but I’m a big fan of DUKE university.

Brian: What’s your favorite nba team or player?

Ty Graves: My favorite NBA team is the OKC thunder fav player would have to be Stephen curry, I kind of model my game after his.

Brian: Thanks man, I really appreciate the time.