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A Few Questions with Former Duke Forward Lee Melchionni

By September 6, 2013No Comments


I was able to catch up with one of my favorite Duke players, former Duke forward Lee Melchionni and he was nice enough to answer a few questions for me:

What’s your fondest memory from your time at duke?

I cannot point to once specific moment but all of the work and preparation that went into playing the games may have been my favorite.  No one gets to see the summer and fall conditioning, hours of shots, days and days of practice.  When we put it all together on game day, it made all of the work worthwhile.

Is there a game that sticks out as special to you ?

My favorite game may have been when we beat UNC in Chapel Hill my Sophomore year.  Chris Duhon hit a reverse layup to win the game and I remember rushing the floor and tackling him.

What kinds of things are you doing at the Wasserman Media Group?

I work as an agent representing NBA and overseas players here at Wasserman.  Each day is unique but varies depending on whether free agency, the NBA draft, or the trade deadline is approaching.  A large chunk of time is spent dealing with various client issues.

Is working as an agent something you always had your eye on?

I spent a season playing in Italy and after the season ended I had planned on working on Wall Street.  I received a call from Arn Tellem, who is now my boss, asking if I wanted to come work as an agent.  I said to myself, “I have seen Jerry Maguire, I can do that.”

Is it true that you are in law school as well?

I graduated law school in 2012 and passed the Pennsylvania Bar as well.

Has your time at Duke been a help in what you are doing now?

Duke and Coach K prepared me for what I would face in the real world.  Attention to detail, accountability, leadership, hard work and being a part of something bigger than myself are all things that were preached and ingrained on a daily basis at Duke.  I am forever grateful for all of my experiences at Duke.

Are you able to get back to Cameron once in a while for a game?

I try and get to at least 1 game a year in Cameron, there is no better place on Earth to watch a basketball game.

Thanks again for your time Lee, I always enjoyed watching you and the energy you brought to the team. I appreciate you taking the time to talk.


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