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Alex Murphy Transfers

By December 5, 2013No Comments

Although not completely surprised I am saddened to report that Alex Murphy has decided to transfer from Duke University. Brought to my attention by friends close to the situation, reports started to surface Wednesday afternoon that the wheels were in motion but until substantiated I didn’t want to put anything out there.

Alex is a very easy kid to root for, affable, polite and talented and I will be a fan no matter where he ends up. Florida, where his brother played and graduated from, was mentioned as a possible option. Not every situation is ideal for every player but I wish only the best for Murph. He and his family are class acts.

Surely the internet will be abuzz with stories of Duke and their epidemic of transfers but in reality it’s something that is happening in higher numbers throughout the NCAA. When you have a big time program with competition for time on the court things happen, sometimes they go your way as a player and sometimes you see a better fit in a different program. I have no doubt that Murphy will play a key role at whatever school he ends up choosing.

Some notable recent transfers from recent years include Michael Gbinije (Syracuse), Olek  Czyz (Nevada), Taylor King (Villanova), Elliot Williams (Memphis), Jamal Boykin (Cal), Eric Boateng (Arizona State), Michael Thompson (Northwestern) and Andre Sweet (Seton Hall).