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NCAA Basketball Ticket Prices: Who’s the Most Expensive? Courtesy of @VividSeats

By December 4, 2013No Comments

NCAA Basketball Ticket Prices

  • Kansas has the most expensive tickets in college basketball, with a median ticket price of $265
  • Kentucky is the only other team with a median ticket price of $200 or more
  • Gonzaga, despite not having many tickets available, has a median ticket price of over $100 ($110)
  • The current top team in the nation, Michigan State, has a very reasonable median ticket price of $55
  • #11 Memphis has the cheapest tickets of teams in the top 25 with a median ticket price of $9
  • The most expensive match-up this year is North Carolina at Duke, with a median ticket price of ($1,459)
  • The 1st ever ACC match-up of Syracuse at Duke is the second most expensive match-up ($708)







***All data compiled on November 22

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