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Are You a Fan or are you Fleeting?

By January 26, 201611 Comments

It’s beginning to become pretty difficult to tell a Duke fan from a Duke hater nowadays. Yes, Duke has lost 4 out of their last 5 games and most likely will drop from the top 25, but honestly, in the grand scheme of things, if you think this slide hurts you more than the players, then you clearly have issues. These kids, yes, kids, play hard, they work hard and for anyone to put them down, ask them to transfer, or call them garbage just blows my fucking mind. Mistakes will be made, and mistakes will be made over and over again, it’s how lessons are learned.

It is your right as a fan of college basketball or a Duke fan to spew in any way you want, but honestly the things said say more about you than they do about the team or the struggles they are going through. These kids have feelings, they have families and friends, and if you think they are immune to the vitriol that some of you are vomiting all over the web, then either you are insensitive douchebags or just not very smart. If that last sentence sounds harsh, well, that is indicative of the type of insults leveled at the this team, and not even from opposing fans but from people calling themselves Duke fans. When you are the ones participating in practices, running your ass off, getting in the gym, and giving up what these guys give up, then you can talk. If you haven’t done it, then maybe you should choose your words more carefully and at very least be mindful that you are in a public space.

I know how I would feel if it were my son, my daughter, maybe some of you should think about that, maybe you should think about someone calling your son or daughter trash, or garbage, or that they don’t deserve their scholarship. Obviously we are spoiled by success, we are all a little guilty of that, but it really isn’t an excuse to be jackass. If you can’t support a team when they are down, then what are you aside from fair-weather? At the end of the day you have to ask yourself: are you a fan or are you fleeting?


  • good stuff! Seeing a lot of the posts on twitter bashing Duke is no good and from people who used to say they were die-hard Duke fans. True fans stay true no matter what.

  • Judy fishersays:

    Any Duke fan that is bashing this team right now is NOT a real Duke fan. I am in thick and thin. It’s about the culture, the brotherhood and the class that Duke basketball brings to the court. This s team will find their way. They are all extraordinary ball players!

  • Tom Baynhamsays:

    This team has serious problems. Freshmen need to start playing like sophomores; Grayson Allen needs to pick up his game and play like the All-American he is, consistently. No more excuses for youth or injuries, or losing home games to sub par teams. These guys either need to begin playing like the defending champions they are, or their post season will be wasted in the NIT or CBI.

  • Eb Ingramsays:

    Great stuff. I’ve been a Duke fan since 1996 and I defend them at all cost. They are having a rough time right now, but I stand by them as a true fan. These boys are talented, they are just having a tough time right now. True fans should never bash their team or put down the players.

  • and even if they don’t, either you are a fan or you arent.

  • Lisasays:

    I’ve been a Duke fan since 1986, ever since I saw Jay Bilas in a pair of shorty-shorts. This year is nothing when you lived through 94-95. NOTHING. Do I wish I saw a little more fire? Yes. Do I think this is The End? No. There’s still two more months of basketball, and I trust Coach K. I trust these boys. We may not make it out of the first weekend in March, but then again, we may just surprise everyone. #believe

  • Logan haucksays:

    I was born into a family of duke fans so duke is literally all I know, I feel like apart of the team because for as long as I can remember my mom was rooting on jj Redick when I was a kid. I know coach k will get this sorted out because he’s coach k and we have immense talent on the team. GO DUKE

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